Local farmers Alex Weiser, Jon Hammond and Kimmie Durham have launched a Heritage Grain Revival in Southern California! With your help, they will be building a local infrastructure to grow, harvest and promote Heritage Grains. Their timing coincides with the keen public desire for drought tolerant, delicious GMO-Free grains and the aims of many California farmers to produce and supply these grains in a cost effective way.

California once led the nation in barley production and was second in wheat production, but in the early 20th century grain farming began to be replaced by higher value orchards, vineyards, and row crops. However, grains(especially heirloom varieties) tend to have very low water requirements, and remain well-suited for California.

As a matter of fact, our Mediterranean climate is ideal to the growing of annual grasses, commonly referred to as grains. We are trying to bring back many unique types of heirloom grains, and we need your help to purchase the expensive equipment necessary for harvesting,cleaning and storing the ripened grain.

Be part of the movement to restore some of California's rich grain-growing heritage, and help us cultivate beautiful, healthy, non-GMO grains for home cooks, chefs, bakers and brewers. We're bringing the Golden back to California!

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